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over flu-but POTS has flared up tremendously

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Hi guys, and hope you all are doing better than me. I feel terrible--terrible "Coat hanger" muscle pain, feels like my chest, head, neck are starving for oxygen. It is hard to breathe. And WORST OF ALL --the terrible adrenaline rushes. I hate them so bad. One woke me up in the middle of the night--I felt like something was going to happen. And then it started-----Shaking you know the routine. I just hate the feelings you get with them. I just think--it is amazing when I wake up, because really I feel like I won't wake up. Do not know why I feel like that. I went to family dr and am going to start Zoloft.

I am so disappointed. I was doing so much better, and now, back to square one just about. It is so hard to eat I guess because of adrenaline. Just the whole thing. The whole cycle. Very frustrating. Jennifer TX

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Setbacks, during and after illness are an unfortunate reality of having an autonomic illness. I'm living through this with you right now. I've had several respiratory infections and now am in an period of increased symptoms, poor sleep, night sweats, and daytime shakiness and exhaustion. Yes, it can be really a bummer, but I've always made it through to better times afterward, so I'm hopeful that the pattern will hold. It probably will hold for your too.


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