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a few POTS questions


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I am new here. I haven't been diagnosed, but i have been cleared of everything imaginable. I suspect i may have some type of dysautonomia. My heart rate jumps with standing, walking, and eating. I have a few questions:

1. I seem to understand that your heart rate goes up due to blood pooling or a drop in blood pressure. If you take beta blockers to slow the heart rate, then doesn't that result in insufficient blood flow?

2. What can I do to help my situation until I get a diagnosis? What should i eat and drink?

3. I know some say they do not have blood pressure changes. If you do have blood pressure changes, does that mean your case is worse?

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cbhowell, I can answer your questions only based on my experiances but I'll try. I have not had to take beta blockers as of yet (thank God, one less medication) but I have heard that they make some feel better, but make others feel worse. I think that they can lower your blood pressure so it just depends on the person. the medication that Im taking (florinef) seems to work pretty well for me. As for what to eat/drink definatly LOTS of salt and lots of fluids. I personally drink gatorade because of the electrolites but it is up to you. Steer clear of cafeine and other stimulants, they can make your symptoms worse. And as to your last ? about bp changes I dont think that it means that your case is worse. Everyones body is different and react in different ways. You will find that especially with POTS and other autonomic dysfunctions that each persons symptoms, although similar to others, are unique. I have bp changes and my case is not nearly as severe as some of the others on this board. Good luck and I hope that I helped you at least a little.

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You might want to take a peek at the main sections of the DINET site:

POTS Mechanisms:


Here's what helps:


and here is what to avoid:



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I second what Nina and April said.

You need to work on getting a diagnosis before you do too much with your diet, especially adding sodium. If you don't need it, you don't want to overload your system, it could make things worse.

You should spend time reading some of the websites that Nina suggested, it can be very beneficial, especially to take to your doctor if he/she is unfamiliar.

Heart rate/blood pressure. When I was first diagnosed; I only had the increased heart rate - up to 160 bpm. I didn't have any blood pressure problems until last year. Now I have lows and highs. Each person is so individual and what occured 6 months ago might not be the case now.

If you think you have some sort of dysautonomia it would behove you to find a doctor that is familiar with the autonomic system, otherwise you might end up wasting your time, money and sanity.


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