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anyone every hear of this new test?


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Wow! This sounds wonderful. I bet it's not available in all places yet though.

Thanks for the article. Holter monitors and event recorders don't usually pick up anything on me either. I seem to always be wearing them during a good spell!! :P


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i don't mean to negate anyone's excitement, but unless i'm missing something these are no longer very "new". i've known several people with implantible loop recorders. right now julie on the board has one. they can be great diagnostic tools for some but b/c they are invasive they are not generally indicated/used nearly as often as non-invasive monitors such as holters.

:P melissa

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Yep, Julie has one...or had one? I'm not sure if she still has it or not, but I know that it was implanted last year. Maybe she'll weigh on on this topic when she has a moment... I know it's been a busy time for her.


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