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In Need of Your Opinions


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Hi, I just wanted to get everyone's opinions on this. When I first started having heart problems as well as the POTS symptoms (they didn't know it was POTS at the time) it was in 2003. After many visits to a local hospital and many visits from a cardio I was referred to an EP in Boston. I went there until Jan 2005 which is when I got my last ablation. I was fine for a few months, then out of no where I got alot worse. The first Cardio I saw, who refered me to the EP in Boston suggested I go to another doctor at a differ hospital for a second opinion. I went to this new EP for a few visits. I honestly wasn't crazy about him. He seemed to blow off my symptoms, etc. I had only seen this EP twice, because the other 2 apptmts. I had were always cancelled at the last minute. His assistant was very rude and I never got my Rx called into the pharmacy. The last straw was the disability form I had to have fill out, it's fine he rather my Cardio fill it out, but I had to call 3 times to see if he filled it out before I was told that he thought my cardio should fill it out...I wasn't informed about his opinion until 2 days before it was due. They had the form for at the very least a month and every timd I called they said that he would fill it out the next day, etc. Obviously he never did fill it out. So, I had sent a fax to them asking for his office to release my medical records (office visits, 3rd ablation info., etc.) to my old EP and made an apptmt with my old EP. I go into my old EP Monday. What should I say to him? Should I be honest and tell him my Cardio wanted me to get a 2nd opinion since I was suffering from more symptoms?? Should I not go back? I like this EP, because I feel as though he has done more for me than the 2nd guy. Also, if there was ever any problem he would call me back personally. I was lucky if the office help of the 2nd EP I saw called me back at any point...Thanks for your opinions!

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I would say just that. When you went to your cardio after symptoms had reappeared worse than before your cardio suggested a second opinion just to be sure. Tell him you trust him as well as your cardio and followed your cardio's advice, received a second opinion, did not care for the way you were treated. Tell him what that EP said, and that's all. Many people get second opinions, many insurances prefer second opinions.

I hope you are feeling better.:lol: and good luck!

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