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working from home

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Has anyone tried working from home? I did a google search and all of the work at home websites want you to pay to subscribe. It seems like a scam to me, but I didnt know if anyone else had tried it. I dont know if I am going to be able to go back to my old job. It is just to physically demanding and I dont want to have to be relied on right now, at least not until I get back on my feet again. I have been off work for 3 weeks now and everytime I think that I might be able to go back, I start to feel bad again. I have to work, we just bought a new house and we need two incomes. Any suggestions?

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Hi April

I am also trying to find something I could do from home. I contacted Better Business Bureau, they told me most of the listings you have to pay for are scams. There is nothing they can do to get rid of them.

One thing I have found is Purple Heart, or Salvation Army. They will pay you for doing phone work at home. You might want to try them if you don't mind phone work :)


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thanks sue, I emailed the salvation army so hopefully they will respond soon. There are alot of companies that will let their employees work from home part time but you have to be established within the company and unfortunatly the company that I work for doesnt offer anything like that. Good luck finding something.

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