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I feel like I'm ok again!


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I went to St Andrews for new year and it was SUCH a tonic! I feel so alive now.

I saw all my old friends, the ones who know me as me, not me plus pots, and we had a real ball! I was fit as a fiddle the entire time! I walked for miles! I did get some tachy edpisodes- I couldn't sleep too well at night because the pulse was racing, but I didn't get faint. I just took betablockers. Never needed midodrine once.

It was SO cool! I had to lie down for a few hours on new year's eve but the symptoms didn't take hold, and I just kept going regardless. It was AMAZING!!!

I feel so hopeful now- if I did it in st andrews, surely I can do it in Oxford- be well, I mean.

Everyone told me how fantastic I'm looking which gave me even more of a buzz, being back in town. It was incredible to just walk striaght back into th elife I used to have. But it made me realise how different my life pots pots is, down in Oxford. I HAVE to sort this out! I want people to know the real me, not the I'm so sick I can't move me. Does this make sense? Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.

I'll not be about mucxh as I'm about to drown in a sea of Malory- chivalrous knights (or not so) and damsels in distress...well, maybe if I read about them, one will appear with a white horse? :)

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Pesre I 'm happy that you are feeling well and that you got to spend some time time w/ freinds and truly have a good time!!



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Hi, I'm so glad to hear that you got to go out and have a good time! :) Maybe friends and laughter are the best medicine!

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Weve had many chats in the past, and i always see you as brave. Im so happy 4 you and yes friends make you forget about your illness. You can be yourself around freinds, have a glass of the strong stuff and a good laugh and all will seem fine.

I hope you can enjoy 2006, 1 thing i remember is 'DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT, YOUR BODY KNOWS BEST HOWEVER ILL YOU MAY BE'.

Please email me asap id love to talk.


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I'm sure it does, Lauren- thanks SO much again! and Marian--memory bank, that's a good idea! EVer since I was a little girl I've had memory boxes at home- with old letters and pictures inside. I suppose I should really be using my own head rather than tangible objects by now...

I picked up a lovely shell from the beach in St Andrews and feel better just knowing I have a bit of my old life with me- everywhere I go.

here's to a much more positive second term in Oxford...

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Dear Persephone;

WAY TO GO!!! I know exactly how you feel. I have been doing quite well on my hormonal compounding and feeling more and more like myself. Betablockers have been a charm for me as well.

It is so wonderful to hear news like yours. It gives so much hope.

I hope this is just a taste for a healthy and stronger year for you. As for Oxford, GO FOR IT!!!

I love England. I have been there and would love to visit it again.

Take care,

KathyP :)

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