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Horrible Day Already

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Hi everyone,

If y ou had read some of my previous posts I had mentioned how I had some type of infection (sore throat, ear & haed aches) and was basically feeling crappy. Today, I feel sooo much worse. When I stand I am so dizzy, I don't know if it is because I barely walked around yesterday or what. I barely made it through my shower, I think the only reason is, is 1. I sat in the shower chair, 2. I forced myself since I had the sweats due to my fever. Now I have to go to a doctors apptmt. even though I feel very dizzy but I have to get there and it doesn't seem like I can find another ride to bring me. SO, I am going to bring my mother with me along with my cell phone. My mother is legally blind so of course she can't drive, but atleast I won't be alone. I sure hope they can figure out what to do with me. I think I am going to call and make an apptmt. with my neuro. What do you guys think? I feel aweful, worse than I have in the past few weeks... :)

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i'm sorry you're feeling so bad. i hope the doctorsappointment helped you a bit. i think it's for the best to talk to your neuro and ask for advice. maybe you can do a telephonecall (that's what i often do because i often can't make it to the hospital).

wish you all the best,


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So, today I managed to get to my doc's apptmt, except it didn't end up being an apptmt. Instead they had me give them my medical records from my all my specialists, so that they could fill out the disability info so I can get some insurance until I hear from SSDI. They didn't keep me as an appointment because....(no surprise here......!!!!) I have no insurance. So, I never got anyone to look at my throat, it feels a little better but not much and I have been like this for 3 days now :) . Then, I got a call back from the ear doc I am seeing and he thinks that all the symptoms I am having....Dizziness, vertigo, esp. in stores, is due to the POTS...how is this so??? My balance is badly affected at times and I don't understand how POTS can make me so bad in a store??? I see my EP/Cardio Monday and I see the Neuro in Feb. so who knows....I was thinking back to yesterday and I don't think I had much fluids and that is prob why I thought I was going to pass out for most of the day. My throat hurt so bad this morning, but I forced myself to drink a whole .5L of water before I went out. I am feeling a tad better, so I am thankful for that. Hope everyone is having a good day! :)

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