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You all have brought tears to my eyes. Just to think that you will all stop to offer prayers, wishes, healing energy, or whatever your personal belief is at the same time tonight is overwhelming.

It is like getting exactly what you need at the time you so desparately need it. Amazing!

It is so wonderful for me to have my POTS friends. I suffered from POTS all alone for so many years, thinking I was neurotic or a hypochrondriac, and not even knowing that others were suffering the same symptoms as me. This means a lot. Thank you so much. And of course, I will post the scope and scan report when I get it. Jeff also thanks you. He is overwhelmed with your caring, too.

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Hi Michiganjan,

I would like to add that I had you in my daily mediatations yesterday (I am in Australia, so today in your time).

I am not of Christian faith, but strongly believe in miracles and divine intervention, and truly hope that everyones positive thoughts for your partner worked one of **** ******* miracles.

Obviously, if Christian faith is allowed on here, my mantra to you is OM MANI PANDME HUNG - it is a mantra of compassion and understanding, and yesterday I dedicated it to you.

I know you asked for prayers, I hope in my case this is acceptable for you. It is as strong as a prayer for me.

I truly hope all works well for you and your partner, not only in the next few months, but for this new year as well.

Truth, Compassion, Empathy,


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Jan and Jeff...

praying for you both toaday and hoping that all goes well..

Luv and hugs


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Jan and Jeff, you are both in my thoughts and prayers. I hope this New Years brings you both good health and happiness. :)

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