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head popping


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Hi folks.. I have questionf for you..

tonight i was sitting up crochetting.. and all of a sudden I got alot of pressure in the right side of my head. and majorly in my ear and something in my head popped.. and during the popping I got terribly dizzy. and very nauseous.. and felt like my I was going to pass out.. I felt like my head was spinning.. and I do mean literally.. more like my brain was spinning..

and now I have been nauseous for the past few hours.. and feel YUCKY! and have a headach to boot

I think its safe to say that this dizzy spell is vertigo realated... UGH! this dizziness was much different from the dizziness that I have every day.. WOW is all i have to say...

just was wondering if any og you have exsperienced this.. and what you do for it...



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