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Cardio/EP or Neuro


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:D I am wondering which is better to go see for POTS a Cardio/EP or Neuro...I see both, but I have been having some new symptoms recently (SOB, etc.) and am wondering who I should mention them to. I see my EP/Cardio on the 9th of Jan. and I have to make an apptmt with my Neuro this week. Thanks for your opinions!
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Guest Belinda

I also agree see both of them..I see elecrophysiologist for heart part and Neuro.(of course he is very familiar with POTS) he deals with the actual nervous system part..and is looking for different causes while the elecrophysiologist is doing more of the treatments for it.

To assure yourself I would see both and be sure and tell them about the S>O>B> you might consider going to pulmonologist for that part of it because he/she can do further testing to make sure your s.o.b. isn't caused by something else.

I have the s.o.b. it is horrendous. I hope oyu feel better soon and get some relief.


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