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Happy New Year


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Well I wanted to drop a line and wish you all a Happy New Year! Let's hope that 2006 is a year for all of us to feel better, but if not it nice to know you are all here!!!!

My New Years goal's is to slow down and enjoy life. Take time to try to find what works for me, and what gives me the best quality of life. O' heres an update my disablity phone call, and paper work in due in on Jan 12, then it 90-120 days of waiting. The good news is my doctor is writing a cover letter for my medical records, and the United States Senater of Iowa is going to follow my case so hopfully that will help it to go though the 1st or 2nd time!!! (Let's hope!) Also the O2 is helping, I am getting sleep, and it taking the edge off the chest pain, and head pain I have, plus it give me a chance to think again!!!! (Not sure that is always good, LOL) <_<



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I wish everyone a very happy and safe new years...Hopefully this year will bring lots of joy and everyone gets relief of their symptoms!...or atleast most :) !

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