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Hands feel like they are asleep

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I need advice. I have read that several of ya experience numbness and tingling of your hands, especially when they are elevated such as brushing your hair, well for the past several days my hands have been "going to sleep" when I am simply not doing anything. Like right now just typing they feel that way. The only way I can get relief is to hold them down to my side. It doesn't take like 20 minutes of me doing something. The numbness now starts just as soon as I do anything, such as, wash dishes, type, hold a telephone, write, etc. How do you guys deal with this. I also am experiencing burning and tingling sensations in my upper thighs, have ya had this? I have had the leg numbness and tingling with the pain sensation in my lower legs but it isn't as bad as the hands. I guess more than anything it is annoying. I have to stop about ever 5 words I type to hang my hands down so then I can resume the typing. Just plain frustrating.


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It was such a problem for me that my doctor tried an arm splint on me, it didn't help.

The numbness and tingling is better now, but I'm not sure if it was one single thing that helped. I think it was a combination of increasing my blood volume with epogen, IV iron and neurontin. These three things have improved several of my symptoms. I take other meds too, fluid and salt intake increase.


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Hi Steph,

I suffer from that, too. It just comes and goes with no apparant cause. It is always worse in the mornings. I just try to keep typing when it happens. I have my elbows resting on the arms of my chair and the heels of my hands on a soft pad in front of my keyboard. This way all I have to move are my fingers. I wiggle my fingers and clench my hands into a fist and that helps, too. But for me it seems to help to just keep trying to use my fingers. I also quiver a lot, and it seems to help that, too if I keep working. Of course, I make a lot of mistakes that I have to fix, but that's okay, too.


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