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xmas = awful


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Hi baby boy

My Christmas was ok, I spent the day on the couch I was too weak to do anything else. Although my whole family has come down with the flu. I was the only one that got a flu shot. Now there is so many people in my little town with the flu, that the government is sending more flu vaccines, so my husband will be getting one. How can you drink alcohol and be on meds? I would be totally scared to do that . I have not had a touch of alcohol since 1990. And I do not desire any at all. Hope you start to feel better soon. Vanessa

hi all. Its 4am and i cant sleep! Im actually using my PSP (portable play station)to surf the net from bed. I have the flu and my throat hurts very badly. Over xmas i had large ammounts of alchol and i think its to blame.......partley! how did everyones xmas go and is cold making u worse?
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