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You all bring tears to my eyes

Guest Belinda

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Guest Belinda

I was reading through the post from Bama girl and reading many of your posts..as of now their are tears pouring down my face..

I am just newly diagnosed and as I have already many times felt like I was going to die but you all give me hope..I see many of you have families as I do..Bless your hearts for not giving up..

Honestly before I got my diagnoses I felt like running myself into a tree(but love my kids more than that)

but reading your posts bad and good have given me hope.

I know that I have said thank you many times but gosh bless all of you for your strength to give advice and help others even though you all are battling this yucky disorder..

I know this is all mushy..but I am thinking of each and everyone of us with this disorder and asking for GRACE for each of us.

BAMAGIRL.....I am praying for your strength and I hope that you find the will to be strong again.

P.s. I hope I am not out of line..I was just touched by many of the trials you all are facing and how much it is a common bond between us.

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Hi Belinda,

What a great post. I feel the same way also. This site and the wonderful people on it have been a very supportive, uplifting part of my life since I came on board a few months back. Though I have had some form of dysautonomia for years, only within the past year and 1/2 have my symptoms really begun to take it's toll and me physically and mentally and on life in general for me.

Hang on during this crazy ride!


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Guest Belinda

ERNIE..YOU DEFINITLEY ARE A SURVIVOR..Your posts an d what you have been through tests and whatnot amaze me..and give me strength to keep going!!!

Glad to see you back on the forum..I didn't see you post for a while after your horrendous testing!!

Hope your doing well..Belinda

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Thank you Belinda for your wonderful kind words of encouragement. Normally I am the one who is strong and gives optimistic words but right now I am so physically and mentally tired of the life of dysautonomia I need some uplifting. You give me strength with your kind words and I appreciate all of you for helping me get through this very trying time.

Let's always remember we are all in this together!!!


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