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Having the surges more and more


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I have had problems with adrenaline surges for about five years now. I would get one about 1x every 6mos or so, however, the last two months I am getting them twice a week and now my bp is shooting up as well. Anyone who has these surges and who can tell me maybe why they are worse? I would like to know the physcial reasoning behind the surges as well.

take care all,


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My understanding is that our systems randomly release large amounts of epinephrine & norepinehrine. This can sometimes be triggered by different things for some of us. Stress is a big trigger for me. Our bodies produce these hormones when we are sleeping that is why we feel so bad in the morning. Instead of our body eliminating them like it does in healthy persons, our systems just keep recirculating them.

Epinephrine is adrenaline so it is normal for our blood pressure to go up.

It's unpleasant. Some people have found relief with some of the SSRI's that are also norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors. I think celexa is as well as effexor.

It's important to try not to compound the surges with panic (easier said than done).

Good Luck & Merry Christmas,


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Hi Bamagirl,

Mine started last year and the worst episodes were coming once a month usually related to my cycle. Over the past few months they have become more frequent and in the past two months I have had several in a month and a few times when they have hit, I have had 2-3 a day with the lingering high resting pulse for a few days. I have not noticed any triggers, no explanation. I wonder if it is just our bodies going through a change again. I remember someone told me years ago that your body goes through changes every 7yrs or so,(we were talking about menstrual cycles at the time), and even in that I have noticed a year or two of really bad cramps, abdominal pains, then they got better and went away then a few years later they came back, off and on since then. So may be some merit to that theory.

Just came back from an early Xmas celebration at my sister's and I drove home it is about a 45min drive and had a slight attack, not as high pulse from what I could tell but the lightheaded and all the nasty surge feelings were there.

Hopefully this is just a bad phase and once things peak and level off from here on in they will become less frequent and intense. <_<

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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