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allergies and POTS

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I live in GA where the pollen is outrageously high in the spring/summer and I have noticed that since it has warmed up my symptoms tend to be worse. I have always had allergies, but they are especially bad this year. I know that heat can exacerbate symptoms, but didnt know if allergies could have an effect too. I am lightheaded, lethargic, dizzy etc, but at least my heart rate isnt up to much right now. At first I thought that I was getting sick, but my symptoms are pretty much staying the same so now I am thinking that it might just be allergies. Any thoughts?

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I have noticed a correlation between allergies and my POTS symptoms as well. I have had bad allergies pretty much all my life, and I am treating them now with perscription drugs and allergy shots. I find that when my allergies are under control, my POTS symptoms are better. If you are not already being treated for allergies, I would encourage you to see a allergist. I think that getting your allergy symptoms treated could definitely help eleviate some of the symptoms you are experiencing right now. Hope you start feeling better!

Best Wishes!

~Meghan :)

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