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HELP--need fast info

Guest Finrussak

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Guest Finrussak



the above 2 articles/sites have info on an intriguing "new" theory.

I am begging for all you scientific types to help me with anything you can add as Im having difficulty tonight with my brain cooperating for serious research. :)

Theory is that micro parasites are either hindering Lyme tx OR even adding to sx list themselves. Claims that very high amts of salt and Vit c are being "curative"...you may want to read for yourselves but short version is historically humans have tolerated lots of salt and currently animals with high salt intakes dont suffer from the diseases that are plagueing us like Lyme, CFS etc,

seems too simple to work but again sometimes its whats staring us in the face thats often overlooked?!?

In any case they are suggesting 6-12 GRAMS!!! ( thats 6,000-12,000 mg) salt per day spaced and High Vit C as well. I think 1 tsp salt is 6 gms???

So, those who have increased their intake...just how high have you gone??? and what happens?

and how much water do you increase per quantity of salt???

I am worried that when I have episodes my BP soars and I dont want to drive it further BUT the irony is that when I am better with Lyme I am also better with episodes...so theoretically if I can get improvemetns with my Lyme then the dysauto will improve too...BUT in meanwhile if I herx, I face real risks here...too high BP causing heart attack stroke etc...

They only cite diarrhea which flush toxins as side effect...bearable if short term...BUT again I need to know what your experience are??

YES I am going to discuss with all my Drs (lucky them) but the added info would give me an intelligent basis on which to proceed.

and any addiitonal research will be very greatfully appreciated!!!

[ as many with dysauto have as comorbidant Lyme etc or as precipitating factor, and as many are increasing salt, please dont remove as irrelevant to dysauto...thanks}


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i haven't taken salt pills for years as they never agreed with my stomach but definitely have a high salt & fluid intake and have acquired even more of a taste for salty foods over the years. i can't say that i feel "better" with the added salt/fluids but i feel worse without...if that makes any sense.

i generally don't measure my salt intake but my discharge papers from vandy recommend around 8-10g/day which is right in the range you mentioned; i've kept tabs on my intake occassionally and am right around in this range. in terms of fluids i have to track occassionally for my urologist and my minimum intake - other than in the midst of GI flare-ups - is probably around 100oz a day but very often a lot more.

i didn't have a chance to read the articles you posted but wanted to at least give you my intake "stats" in case they're of any help.

B) melissa

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