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any one going to be in toledo on this day?


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hi guys...

I am going to go see dr. grubb in January.. my appointment is Jan. 10th.. @1:15.. was wondering if anybody was going to be there on this day.. i would love to meet some of you guys!


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Guest Finrussak

I have been posting twice a month asking for those who have appts...then they either email me at

Finrussak@aol.com or PM me

as Ive been having difficulty gaining easy access to this site...(dont ask, long story - the admin has been unable to fix) email is easier for me..--

then sometime before end of month I post the list for the future 2 months appts

I usually post dinet name ( and real name if you want), date, time, dr, med center, and if need any help

I can show you what it looks like...search under my member name..at top right see help search members etc

click search then under "filter by memebr name" type in my name then click 'match exact name'

scroll down and press "search"

youll see lists of my posts...go to one dated dec 16, 2005 and as started by finrussak ( column titles are on top)

click on subject on left column..."dec and future appts"...

anyway Ill add your name to that post and update it now

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