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Anyone take both beta blocker--and clonidine?

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

When I went to see Bev at Dr. Grubb's office she prescribed catapress/clonidine for the hyperadrengic spells. She said it's been very helpful for hyperadrengic POTS patients.

I have stared taking the Klonopin already, and it seems to help. I wonder if I should just put the clonidine on hold----or take that instead of the klonopin..........Hmmmmmmm?

I hate to rock the boat........

Julie :0)

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Hi Julie..

Bev gave you clonidine too!! she wrote me a script for it a few weeks ago....Um last summer or was it 2 summers ago?? I was on a BB + clonidine and klonopin...I would take the klonopin before bed...

and my clonidine was the patch form.. then the BB's were pill form...my only real complaint while on these meds was that they made me tired... but tired b/c they were slowing down my system and HR...

I..over a yr ago stopped taking klonopin....

this past summer I did have issues with clonidine and propranol..and mestinon.. my BP was getting way too low.. in part though b/c we hadnt ironed out the doseages and timings of my meds..(was on #3 clonidine patch and a pretty high dose of proranolol..) well I was taking the propranolol and mestinon at the same times... and it was not a good combo.. but once I tweeaked the timings of my meds.. and lowered some dosages.. it leveled out...

I did end up having to go off the clonodine patch.

But now am going to be trying the pill form as soon as I get the script in the mail.. Bev told me that it will help with my autonomic surges at night and help me sleep better too.. so I am exctied to try this in combo with my current BB.. which is betaxolol (hte new stronger version of propranolol)...

I really hopw that this helps you to feel better!!

Oh.. yeah.. she probbaly told you this.. but Bev told me not tot ake my clonidine at night if my BP is lower then 120/70... so that it wont drop more.. ( the lowest my BP has gotten that I have recorded is 45/23... and a really weird Bp of 150/0... my BP is all over the map its up its down.. but rarely is it 120/70.. this will be interesting!! )so do you have a way to check the BP before you take it at home??

good luck Julie..


Linda :)

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i took clonodine in conjunction with a bb. it was my miracle drug before surgery. i loved it for the overactive ANS symptoms and slept well with it. (am too tired to post more, but i wrote some posts on this last year)...

you can break the pill into pieces. i started with 1/2 tablet, but also have done 1/4...both of which were fine with my POTS doc.

i liked it for all the things that bother you...GI, anxiety, sleep, heart pounding, etc...

it can drop bp at night and that is ultimately why i had to stop it after surgery. my bp runs 90/60 all of the time it seems and even lying down that is 'good'...so, i would not have been able to ever achieve the numbers linda/bev recommended but i still did okay on it! and i took it at bedtime. it did make me sleepy, but i'd choose that anyday over the other symptoms i had/have.

i am very sorry about your brother.


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