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Shortness of breath


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Hi, I'm sure someone here on the board has had shortness of breath and been very thirsty at the same time. What is this and what can I do to help? Feel like I have been running a marathon!


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I get shortness of breath on a daily basis. It gets very embarrassing when it happens while I'm working and people can see that my breathing is very short, rapid shallow breathes. Then there are times my Fibromyalgia kicks in on the game with the muscles around my rib cage and it feels like someone is squeezing the breath out of me and I can't get a deep enough breath to keep breathing!!!

The only thing that works for me is closing my eyes and concentrating on my breathing, making sure it's as deep as I can breathes, in through my nose & out through my mouth until I feel like I have it back under control.

Good Luck!!!


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