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Made it to the East Coast...

Dizzy Dame

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Hi all,

Well, I made it from Hawaii to Maryland, however the trip wasn't easy. I began to crash a few hours before getting on the plane, but we didn't have time to go to the ER for fluids so I boarded knowing the flight would be difficult. It was. We hit turbulence...Capital "S" Severe turbulence within an hour of taking off. The plane was shaking us like beans in a tin can, and everyone began getting sick, including me. After about 1/2 hour of dry heaving (because I'd already evacuated everything in my stomach earlier that night) my heart-rate steadily climbed to about 200 bpm and hovered there for the next four hours.

The flight attendants had to page for a doctor, and I was put on oxygen. For awhile, they ( the doctor, and the captain) thought we'd have to make an emergency landing in L.A. to get me to a hospital, but my heart rate began to go down as we approached land, so they decided to keep going. By the time I landed at Regan National I was barely conscious and my BP was around 60/40 laying down.

I DID SURVIVE! I've been resting "comfortably" the past few days at my boyfriend's father's house, and I'm starting to recover.

I can't write anymore, but that's the skinny.

Hope everyone's well!



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lauren -

so glad that you checked in with us. i've been thinking of you and hoped you'd at least be able to post "i made it" before your trip to vandy.

i'm sorry that the trek was as rough as it was but glad that it's over. and it sounds as if people were at least decent to you in the midst of the craziness.

also glad that you're recooping at the b-friend's parents house.

keep on hangin in there,


p.s. when do you head to vandy? after christmas i think?

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Oh I'm so glad to hear you made it..even though you just barely made it. I hope you get lots of help @ Vandy. Keep hydrated and get lots of rest. Keep us updated as much as you can. Your in my thoughts! <_<


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Lauren..OMG!! girl.. what a flight you had.. that is horrible!! I am glad that you are feeling somewhat better now that you are on land.. I hope that things go well at vandy.. and that they can help you!

Hugs to you fellow dizzy!

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Welcome to Maryland!

Are you moving here, or coming for testing?--I can't remember! I'm in Berlin, MD--on the eastern shore.

You certainly had an ordeal--hope you can get your blood volume back up and start to feel a bit better. What a horrendous flight experience. That's great that you had support available on your arrival.


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