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Guest Finrussak

Hi all

thought Id post these a bit earlier than promised as I am having some bad stuff go on due to my new alternating meds/abx regimen. Plus my older 2 are all over the place with breaks and travel. And add to the stress my 16 yo needing a GI biopsy and the DR we consulted never heard of MTBI invading gut tissue...and his immuno levels dropped again but the immuno Dr says still barely normal despite being hundreds of points below average and below what he attained via IGG Iv's over summer--so no more IV which helped him in past...UGH...just how abnormal does it have to be to get treatment???

anyway Ill only be erratically online in next few weeks...Ill try to update this post if I get new/more info from you until then:


LisaColumbus....12/20...1 PM....MCO/Grubb....driven by Mom from Columbus

(no help requested)


Nancy aka Futurehope....2/9/06....11:30 AM...Dr. Khurana...Glen Burnie Md...husband driving

( no help requested)

as always I can be reached via here or email...as my health trudges on email is better as I can get my kids to check for me...be well


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