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POTS in other languages...?


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Hi Guys and Girls,

I am fluent in English, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese) and New Zealand Maori.

Howver, especially in Japanese and Chinese, I cannot find any resourses on the web at all for POTS. I understand that POTS is very prevelant in Western countires, however, would think the same info would be available to non-English speaking patients.

Of course I have spoken to several people in Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Mainland China, and noone has heard of POTS.

What can we do to spread the word?

If the moderators etc are willing, I am more than willing to translate the brochures into these languages free to charge, if it will be of any benefit to sufferers in other countries. Please get in contact with me if so willing to the email address or PM supplied on my profile.

As DINET is such a great support to me, statistically China at least would have far more sufferers of this disease than all Englisg speaking countries put together, so would be more than willing to do my best to spead the word.

I am qualified as a translator in both Japanese and Chinese (Cantonese), and Chinese (Mandarin) and Spanish I learnt out of pure need, and am fully capable of translating the dinet pages into these languages, however NZ Maori may be an issue, as I cannot see scope in the language to fullly describe POTS and it's symptoms adequetly, and feel there is not a high demand for this info to be published in the Maori Language.

Anyway, I just want to make sure we look after our fellow friends in non-English speaking countries. If anyone who is in charge of this website feels the same, I would greatly value your feedback.





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I have worked with my accupuncturist on this but I wonder how to translate this "western "symptoms into Eastern medicine. I've read many books on and about in depth on Eastern medicine and I don't know how this can be translated. I'm so glad you posted. Do you have any info on this?

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