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My turn to go to the ER


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Hi folks. Teri's bathing and then will take me to the ER at her hospital. I was seen by my GP for a severe sinus and ear infection this morning. I forgot to tell her about the aching under my ribs on the left side. Well, as the day progressed it's gotten way worse. Currently, I cannot pull in a deep breath without pain, and absolutely cannot lie down on my left side without setting off searing pain--which is vaguely familiar. If I'm remembering correctly, I felt like this 20 years ago when I was hospitalized with mono, strep and an enlarged spleen. I guess I'll find out how good I am at differential diagnosis in a few hours, eh?

I hope to fill y'all in soon, at which point I hope to be able to breathe more comfortably and get some sleep. No sleep yet tonight...three hours of tossing/turning and muttering "ow" doesn't count.

So, it's my turn to be a POTS/NCS and EDS embassador. Maybe it'll be an okay visit? I at least have a plus on my side b/c it's where Teri works and therefore knows people.


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Nina, I hope they find out what is wrong and that you get some treatment so you can feel better. Keep us posted!

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