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EEWW!! near-syncope on the stairs!


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hey all...I had a rather scary experience recently..I was getting ready to come to bed.. and hadnt been feeling well all day.. I was layed up on th couch all evening.. that probably didnt help matters mcuh..

but anyways.. I was trying to climb the stairs to go to bed.. carrying my blanket and a reg. size bottle of gatorade w/ me.. and I was having a hard time making it up the stairs. as my legs felt so heavy.. as did my arms..

I am towards the top of the stairs only like 2 steps to go.. and I start to feel really dizzy and lightheaded.. and I 'm thinking OH NO!.. my legs gave out on the stairs!!

my boyfreind was not far behind me.. he's like OMG are you allright?

I fell forward and dropped my blanket and gatorade.. and had i not grabbed my railing and fallen forward instead of backwards.. I would have fallen dwon the stairs.. the whole flight of them!

that really scares me!

I am famous for passing out on the stairs.. so this is nothing new.. but it always scares the hebbie jebbies out of me.. and I will start thinking the "what if's"....I have spained my ankles.. and messed up my knee's and smacked my head so many times due to falling down the stairs.. :)

my boyfriend.. it was the first time he had ever seen my fall to the floor like that... he had been with me thru many many blackouts.. but my blackouts and syncope are different.. it scared him.. he asked me if this is what happens when I pass out? I'm like yeah.. this is what happens.. my legs and body just drop..

I hope that what i'm about to say doesnt sound bad.. but I'm in some ways glad that he was there to witness the stair insident..b/c he alsways amkes light of the fact taht I have troble witht the stairs.. and of my syncope.. not taking things very seriously.. alot of doubting me.. and critisism for my lack of "housekeeping" skills these days..

but anyhow.. I'm just more convinced that I need to live in a place with no stairs!! I'm really praying that an apartment opens up very soon..

this is rediculous!! i cant even cary a blanket up the stairs!! Hello!! how pathedic!!

sorry folks just needed to vent that one..

thinking of you pooh.. while the Dr. Suess song often plays in my head.. though i changed a word or 2!

I "hate" my syncope.. I hate it cant you see?? i dont like ti here not there!! I dont like it anywhere!!

LOL hugs


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Stairs stink. My husband, kids, and I had to move in with my parents last year who live in a two story house. I learned a trick while there. While going up stairs- exhale slowly and deeply rather than inhaling quickly as you may feel like doing. It made a big difference on those many, many trips up and down the stairs. It may not work for you but it definitely helped me. Go slowly, breathe slowly, and EXHALE as you go up the stairs. Hope this helps.

I can totally understand why you would want your boyfriend to witness your episode. People really have no clue what it is like until they see it for themselves. Maybe he will be a lot more understanding now.


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I knew a girl who got CFS who actually did have a elevator in her house, but unfortunately by the time she got really sick she had moved out. That would have been handy for her though heh.

Dizzy girl sorry to hear you are finding it so tough atm. I completely understand what you mean about wanting people to witness it. At my old house we had a split level so it had a balcony, one day i fainted went to grab the rail but instead my body feel over the balcony while my feet stayed planted on the ground (thank goodness). I was having a fit and in my head i was thinking *INSERT SWEAR WORDS*. I was so terrified i would fall over and i could not even scream for help (even though nobody was home it would have felt better if i could). It makes you feel so vulerenable :) Another time i fainted while getting on a train and my foot slipped between the platform and the train. Lucky for me i fell into the train but it scared me enough that i droped out of college for that term as i felt to vulerenable travelling alone.

I hope a apartment free's up for you soon! this may sound silly but can you crawl up the stairs? at least then its less likely you will fall backwards.

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I know how you feel about your loved ones seeing it. my husband came home from work one day as i was in migraine mode. i was slamming my head on the floor to get relief, Then he got worried! He thought we should go to ER.all those years I thought he understood, but it wasn't till then,that he got it. He hasn't seen me pass out yet but I think he understands. The breathing technique does work and I've used it for a couple of years. Be careful:-)

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I am so glad that I ddint fall down those freggin' stairs!!.. there isa mirror on the landing of the stairs.. I just see myself falling into it one of these days..

No I cant get an elevator put in.. though ti would be very nice if I could!!.. would make me much more mobile... this is my BF's house.. and I'm only going to be living here until an apartment opens up.. and that appartment building has a ramp out front.. and an elevator.. and all 9 floor are all one level apartments... and there are laundry rooms on each floor...

it actually is a very nice building.. there is a good size kitchen/ gathering area on the main floor.. along with wheelchair accessable bathrooms.. and there is a small exercise/weight room.. and a large lounge room (w/ a Big screen TV!! YEA!) and a computer room off of that.. then there is the lobby.. where the older ladies sit and crochet in the evening.. (LOL---) and the older men shoot the breez...

andall in all this will be the perfect place for me to be once I get in...

sorry short rambling there!!

UM..EVIE!! OMG!! how scary that must have been for you.. I'm so sorry!!

I'm going to see that psychologist tomorrow.. to do my first "relaxation breathing stuff" techniques.. I think that it will prove to be helpfull.. the psychologist is great.. she is very understanding.. and has treated a few other pots patients. .. and is aware of the difficulties that come along with pots.. and has impaired functioning can be.. so I will learn some breathing stuff tomorrow.. that will be neat..

thanks guys for the support and encouraging words once again!!!!

love and hugs


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Guest Belinda

dizzy really try the breathing stuff-practice every day..it will I mean will be well worth it when your having severe spells. It has helped me get through the last year of the insane stuff..passing out panic you name it..glad your apartment will be nice..I just thought I would be funy about the elevator..but it would be nice eh..

glad your okay!

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Evie. you are too funny!!

LOL!! :D

well my breathing stuff isnt going real well.. I had to reschedule my breathing stuff" as I was so sick that day.. i wish that my docs and psychologist made house visits.. so that i could lay on the couch and not have to move or lift my head.. and could be ain a seeting that isnt going to set off my potsy attacks! little things light the sun.. and light are too much for me these days! PATHEDIC!!! too much stimulation... B)

my good freind calls her dizzy days.. dizzy lizzy.. well dizzy lizzy has taken up permanant residence in my head.. EEWW!!

I have been pretty much avoiding the stairs at all costs....


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