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Yesterday during my infusion I made sure that my dr came in to see me, even though he was on hospital duty - I asked that he come to talk to me - HE DID! I asked him about the shots and he told me that I would have them by the end of the week (last Friday the nurse could only get it scheduled on Feb 6th! - Another new year, a new insurance year). He said he called the neurologist and explained to her what he wanted and that he wanted them this week! What a doc! So I called this morning and asked that they call my cell to set up the appt. She said she would call within the hour - well....no call....so I called back and she said she was just about to call....yeah right...anyway...I told a little white lie, but I don't care, I am doing what is best for me.

She told me that she couldn't get me in until next Wed. (This doc and I DO NOT get along and I DID NOT want her to do it, but right now she is the ONLY neurologist in town). I figure that she would end up canceling my appt and it would be into next year before I got the shots. So...here is my lie...I her that I was going to be going out of town Tues night so I couldn't do it next week. So she put me on hold....when she came back on she asked if I could be at the clinic at 7:45 am before it opened and she would do it before she saw ANY patients or did any paperwork for the day!!!!! SCORE!!!! I wanted to take someone with me though as a witness as to how she treats me during the process - the past events have not been the greatest. But since it is so early my husband has to take our kids to school and daycare. I have a coworker who said that she would come along with me...I am still debating that one...I feel bad making her come along with me. What would you do?

Anyway...in the past my doc said that he would do them, but when it came down to it he was afraid that he would put in too much and then I wouldn't be able to move my arm or anything. He said that he was glad I have so much trust in him but he was more comfortable with her doing it. I think that she is going to train him on how to do it for next time though. So...I am getting about 7-8 shots at the bottom of my neck on the right side...the right shoulder down through my shoulder blade. I so hope that it helps....that means no more weekly trigger point injections - possibly no more chiro appts either! I am so hoping that this STOPS my headaches.

So, wish me luck!!!


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Good luck Lisa, I hope it works for you. Those trigger point shots aren't much fun, even if they do help. I always feel bruised and sore afterward.

If it were me, I would take someone with me... especially if you've had problems with that doctor in the past. Is it possible for a friend or neighbor to take care of getting the kids off to school?

anyway, good luck. Nina

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