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I am moving into ER

Guest Belinda

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Guest Belinda

Went to Er again with chest pain and s.o.b.-ugh!! No answers and a shot of Toradol

and still feel awful. How do I get through to the docs. This time I brought in my diagnoises so at least they gave me IV fluids.

I still feel like I am breathing fire-does anyone have this problem?

They wanted to give me a shot of ativan and I refused..said I take vistaril non addictive

doesn't help. This morning I am completely calm and I still have the dragon breath -FIRE!!

I did agree to start on Paxil- even though the anxiety is second to physical problems.

Please reassure me in some way that I am not going out of my mind. I am waiting for my arm to fall off or something so I can get help for this..LOL.


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Well, this disorder certainly makes you feel as if you are going out of your mind. It has taken YEARS for those around me to accept the fact that all this is legitimate. Fortunately, my cardio is awesome and has always been on my side. He told me yesterday that he had learned so much about dysautonomia from ME. Wow. So, I am so sorry you're having a hard time. It stinks- royally.


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