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Trying to locate two references


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Lois, I believe the one is by Bell and Streeten...

this might help you find it



and the othe, i think, is from NDRF's handbook on dysautonmia


oH, and I think the title of the article is something like "a disease like no other" or "disorder like no other"? Perhaps someone out there has it? If I had to guess, I'd say Sophia's got it somewhere :) Nina

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You gave me a good chuckle about my "marathon"! Thanks for keeping your humor, even through the tough year youv'e been through.

yes, NDRF's handbook is in the FAQ-help yourself section. :)


is this it?


or was it the quality of life study by Mayo?


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Nina...The Mayo study wasn't it. Believe it or not, I participated in that survey and the study. Could you find me?

Running was never my speed. In 6th grade (many light years back), my class had to round around the playground. Our class was too big to go all at once so the teacher divided us in two. When I came around the finish line, she said I was first in the second group. The honest person I was and still is said that wasn't the case--I was actually the last person in the first group. Oy vey!!! is right!!!

Have a good evening and take a break/brake for goodness sake!

Lois :):lol:

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