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breathing too fast


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do you any of you get an episode of fast breathing, like you are running, it could happen when i am having palpitations or other times, no heart trouble, just hyper and a speed inside, i try to take deep breaths when this happens, but it doesnt help, any advice on how to slow it down? i am not scared or upset at the time, but am hyper in general when i start breathing faster, thanks


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Hi Radha;

Deep relaxation and a slow deep breathing works wonders.

Try this:

Sit down, preferably with your feet up and arms resting at your sides.

for 10 - 15 minutes breath in slowly and deep while counting to 4, pause for 1 second, and then exhale slowly counting to 4.

Let your mind either go completely blank or concentrate on a very soothing place.

If you practice this every day, you can learn to do it anywhere. This has helped me tremendously. Sometimes you may have to do it longer. It won't take away your regular symptoms, but it will help control your breathing. Your doctor may have more breathing exercises.

I hope this helps.

KathyP B)

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Guest Finrussak

Hi Radha

youcan also try this breathing pattern of 4-7-8. This exercise can retone and help autonomic stuff as well as anxiety or other irregular breathing issues, per Dr. Weil. Plus as a bonus while you are concentrating on it, the episodes pass quickly. I find it helps me whenever Im in any episode: fast heart and/or air hunger and/or POTs/OI :)



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I've noticed that when I start panting, it is a sign that my heart rate is over 120. I use the breathing as a cue that I need to lie down right away, usually my breathing returns to normal within a minute of laying down. I don't know any breathing tricks, but perhaps laying down will work for your as well.



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i'm with lauren here...for me when i have breathing issues it's generally an effect rather than a cause, i.e. my heart rate causes me to be "short of breath" rather than it actually being respiratory. that said i have breathing issues with sleep (apnea and whatnot) but i don't think those apply at all during the day....

hope you get some relief soon,

:) melissa

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