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i've taken it since last spring - due to pretty severe gastroparesis & dysmotility from my stomach down - and it does help me some. and for me definitely doesn't speed things up too much. it helped me cross over the bridge from continual weight loss to holding steady; mestinon then helped me start gaining. i haven't had any side effects from the zelnorm either...

:( melissa

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Dr Grubb gave it to my daughter a year ago- it helped tremendously. Then, there was a shortage, and her DR here said there was a black box warning on it and to take her off. Then, when we wanted it back, he said OK, but we had to show she doesn't have long QT. Now, you would have thought if she had that, it would have shown up before. When we went to another Dr. to see if she had it, she said she really had to study the EKG- it wasn't always easy to see. Also, she said it is not uncommon with POTS patients. I really don't understand any of this, but, we are waiting for the results...Joanie

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