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Hot Day - Don't Feel So Good


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I'm at work today - and it is soooo hot. The air conditioner has broken down - it must be at least 40 C in here.

Everyone else here is sweating like pigs - but I'm not for some reason??? Strange???

My vision is awfully blurry, and have a terrible headache, and my legs feel like big balloons just waiting to pop - if I look down at them (I'm wearing shorts), they are all purple and yuk.

Anyone else react to heat like this??? And, what can you do to help??

I'm drinking lots and lots of water, and nothing coming out....

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Sounds pretty familiar... I don't sweat enough in the heat either. My legs get heavy and I get migraines and lightheaded. I still haven't figured out very specific ways to prevent it. Mostly I just try to stay out of the heat, especially places where I'd be standing. Obviously hydration is important. Maybe compression stockings would help since you said your legs were pooling. Sorry I don't have more ideas!! :):)

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oh boy... that has to really suck being at work with no AC!

Do you by chance have a fan you can run on you?

Um do you work in an enviroment that you can prop your feet up?? that will help with the pooling in your legs..so will compression hose.. if you can tolerate wearing them... they will apply mild compression that will push blood back up to the upper half of the body...

can you put some ice in a baggie or get an ice pack and wrap a towl around it and place it on the back of your neck?? and keep drinking the ice water...

try to keep yourself as cool as possible.. your headach might be heat related... and those are no fun.. if yuo dont feel better soon.. can you explain to your boss or supervisior that you have a condition of the ANS.. and you body does not regulate body temp. correctly.. and go home..b/c you arent feeling well??

I hope that you feel better soon...


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Thanks Guys,

Well, It's my own stupid fault for living in a tropical environment - luckily a storm came through and cooled things off a little.

I did take my shoes off, but because of the design of my desk I can't but my legs straight out, but I did fill a little chilly bin/esky with some ice (we have an ice machine), and but my feet in it. It seemed like it was burning at first, but the rest of my body felt the relief.

My bosses know I have POTS - they even come to the hospital with me! But I can't push the limits - I'm legally entitled to 10 days paid sick leave and so far have taken over 40 days for the financial year.

I just met with them, and explained that I am sorry, and would understand if they wanted to hire someone else instead, however, they said they understood my medical condition and have been to the DINET website for some more info, and would hate to lose me. They are willing to accept that I have a disease and can't work as many hours and an 'able bodied' person can. However they will continue to pay me a full time salary, as they feel the work I complete in a 6 hour day is equivelant to someone working twice that time.

I think I am pretty lucky for that, and of course am very thankful.

As for compression hose, I understand it works, however in the Queensland heat, my doctors have advised me against it, even though it may help the blood to return to were it should be, the extra heat I would have wearing the hose would counter-act the positive effects.

In a climate were socks are almost intolerable, I think compression hose is out of the question.... Maybe I should move to Hobart??? I like it there, and the climate is agreeable.

And my worst fear - I've had to give up the bagpipes over summer - with this heat, and the standing and blowing like a valsalva excersise... It's just too much, I can't do it. My legs are like balloons, my toes look like little pink pork sausages, and I can bearly catch my breath.

Although, on the positive, I have been offered a contract with a Celtic Rock group that need a bagpipe player and are recording their first CD next month. I have and electronic set of pipes that look like the real thing, sound like the real thing, however are easier to control, and can be played sitting down. So, there is a silver lining. Although, for me, nothing makes me prouder than to wear the full pipers uniform with my fellow band members and march on parade, with the memories of my grandfather, and my great-grandfather, and what an honour it is to preserve their heritage and passion for the great highland bagpipe. But I digress, and I'm sorry - for me it is an important part of my life, and something I wish to preserve.

Just all these thoughts, and what I am loosing. I hate it, but can accept it (to a fashion!).

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Here I am sitting in my house trying to keep warm as the darn snow and rain mix is falling. Yuck! Really shows how this board brings people to together.

Sounds like the heat is getting to you and your body really needs the fluids so keep pushing. How about those little around the neck fans? My daughter has one of those that she takes to school in the summer or a spray bottle with water so you can at least spray yourself and keep yourself a little cooler.

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Heat intolerance is something almost everyone here has, myself included. It might make you feel better to read the common symptoms of POTS and other dysautonomias on the main DINET site.



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Thanks Mighty,

I appreciate your comments - however here on the Sunshine Coast in weather like this a fan is like a heater - it is 100% humidity and 40 C - it's a nightmare!

A fan does no good in this weather but make you feel hotter.

AC is the only answer....

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I have a cool vest and it does work to lower core temperature in the heat. There are different brands of these and they can be found by searching on Google.

My favorite hot weather trick is to roll ice cubes in a dishtowel, put rubber bands on each end and wear the dishtowel around my neck. This is good for exercise because the ice finally melts and wets my T-shirt and then the air from the exercise cools the T-shirt. Not a good suggestion for work, but I wonder if one of the vests would help?

Not much to do for the humidity except the AC.

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Thanks Nina,

I do know that heat intolorence is a symtom of POTS - I guess I was trying to deny it - I don't want all of these symptoms.


If you read my earlier post you will see I am sliding.

Like the Verve song, I feel 'like a cat in a bag, waiting to drown'.

This POTS thing, no matter how long you've had it, truly stinks!!!!

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I'm sorry you are feeling crappy. The heat does a number on me. I either have to be in AC or in a pool to be okay. I actually had to leave my EMT classes cuz we would have class for 8 hours in 85 plus degrees and it was too much for me. I am trying to get my money back, who knows though. Also, if you are ever really hot w/O AC or a pool around you could put lil bag of ice or something to that affect under your armpits and around ur neck...that is how ppl with heat exhaust temp is lowered. Take care and STAY COOL!

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It's funny to read of someone who lives in a country where it is now 40C when here it is -15C.

I cannot function without the AC in the summer and I have about 2 minutes upright time above 26C. So I cool down my car before getting in and park very close to doors. I cannot leave the house very much because of my condition.

I too wish I had a curable disorder!

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