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He took me off the Norpace put me back on Nadolol and


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My dr is hoping that it will help control my blood pressure and keep some blood upwards to keep me from tipping over. He is also haoping that this will help with the eating issue. Right now I HAVE to take Kytril just t o eat. He thinks that the Nicoderm will get me to eat too.

He says that if this doesn't wotk then they are going to go a test where I swallow this stuff and they watch it go through my system to see how long it takes for it to make it. And then he was talking about some type of gastroentenial (sp?) pacemake type thing that will short circuit the message that to my brain that says I can't eat. I guess they can either play it in your stomach or our neck somewhere. Sounds odd, so I am hoping that the Nicoderm works.

Funny thing is that I have NEVER smoked a day in my life and now I am going to be addicted to nicotine through a PATCH! Nice, eh? He just isn't sure what to do about this stuff.

He said that I must have some autoimmune disease since when I go off something to try a different drug to try another one. If the new one dosn;t work, I go back to the old one and it doesn't work anymore, or at least not to the same extent it did before. Example is this Nadolol. I went off it to try this Norpace and now that I am back on the Nadolol and it just isn't working like it did before I went off it. At least it was doing a little good, but now it isn't doing much of anything.

The bad thing is that this Nicoderm is going to act like caffine according to the pharamcist and I am already having issues sleeping. I have been going to bed between 3-4:30 in the morning and then getting up at 6:30 to go to work!

The one good thing I found out yesterday is that they made add the POTS, Addisons diability stiff to my work comp disability - combine it into to one and approve it all...so that when I want to stop working and go out on disability it will all be ready. I told them that I won't do that until I get an approval or denial from Social security disability. Because then we just afford to live off my work LTD.

Anyway...that is my update. I am going to start the Nicodrem CQ tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes. ANyone else use this for their POTS?


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