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surgery and POTS


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I am about to have oral surgery and have 7 teeth surgically removed. I will be under anesthetics. I am wondering if any one has had any problems with POTS while under and afterwards.........as far as making pots symptoms worse. I am really dreading this as I have had a good 2 weeks now with very few POTS symptoms. PRAISE THE LORD for that.I also have sleep apnea and RLS and they will have to strap me down before they start and I know that will cause a panic attack because I cannot cope with being bound down.thanks ahead for any suggestions

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Good luck first of all.

They last time they put me under, was before I was diangosed with POTS, so there was nothing extra done, the only problem I had, was coming out of it. It took a long time for me to wake up and they put me back on oxygen to help. Afterwards though, I can't say I really had any problems. Just make sure they know your background with POTS, and all that good stuff.

Again Good LUCK.

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