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I'm in the potsy grand canyon...


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OMG! I am waving my white surrender flag do can you all see it???

I dont think I spelled mt title right.. it doesnt look right...

I am having areally rough night.. or mornig I should say.. its nearly 4:30 am here.. and my pots is kicking my butt...I just havent been right now for quite some time.. and i'm very frustrated.. and dont feel goosd...

I layed down around 2 am.. and haent been able to sleep..I'm having bad surges.. and some other weird things going on tonight..my hands are shaking so badly.. and my arms and legs feel so weak and heavy.. like I'm carrying around lead in my arms and legs.. and I keep getting these weird feeling in my legs like something is kicking me from inside out in the legs... my left leg is numb.. and wacky feeling.. not quite like it is sleeping but kinda like it...

and the bone pain is kicking in full force too.. my ankle bones feel like i fractured them.. clear into my foot. and my wrist and hadn feels the same way...I'm having abd pots flare.. as well.. I started feeling terribly over heated the then thedizzyness started and faint feling began.. and next thing I know I'm the bathroom sick as all get out..(vomitting/diarrhea...nausea).. and my skin feels like it is on fire.. so very hot... and the apin in my guts get worse and more intense.. then I start to shake and have the chills.. and am cold to the bone...go from feeling like i'm on ire to feeing like i'm an feakin ice cube...

I feel so crappy tonight.. my vision is all screwy.. and the pain in my feet is just unreal.. i have taken a Levsin for the tummy. and am debating on weather to take a vicodin to get me through till 6am.. but have my reservations on it b/c it causes such constiaption.. but what is the worse of 2 evils right??

I dont know they both suck big time...

I just want to crawl in my potsy hole and stay there... I really hate living like this. and feeling so poorly all the time.. I sometimes wonder what my purpose is for living in such a crappy body that barely functions...

Ok now i am waving a flag in each hand... though you really have to look b/c it hurts to lift my arms in the air..

will the suffering ever stop?? I feel liek such a burdon to those around me ...


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First I want to say, I hope things get better for you dizz, and Carmen.

Dizz, have you caught some type of the flu, or a cold. My heart goes out to ya. I hope you get feeling better, and if you don't, maybe call the Doctor.

Just hang in there, if your in the canyon, hopefully the only way is up. Good luck. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

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I am sorry you had a bad night. I had one too and I felt bad and had to get up and walk awhile, lay for a while, I tried my heating pad, I ccried on my Great DAnes shoulder, Made coffe at 4;00 am for my husband when he gets up for work, I took a bath, I was sick, my head felt as if I was carrying 2 tons of burning coal in the front above my eyes. My legs hurt, they were restless, then they cramped, then they got cold and the tremors began, I peed 7 times in three hours then gave in to a Hydorcodone and 1 tbsp of mineral oil to counteraffect the costipation from the pill. I finally slept from 5;15 TO 0655 and am now up for the day.

At least we aren't alone. There are those that know how we feel and will listen to us. Try to take a nap as soon as you can. I send down your ropes to get you out of your potsy hole as soon as I remember where I put them!

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First: (((((((HUGS)))))))) and ((((((((((more HUGS)))))))))))

Second: I wish there were something I could do for you. This disease is horrible. Just horrible. All I can say is that I've been there before, and I came out of it, so you will too, you WILL have good days again. Keep your chin up, and call a doctor if this keeps up. They may not be able to do anything for you but darnit, they should know what you're going through right now!

- Lauren

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Carmen arent you sweet! cocoa would be great.. with coolwhip!

tracy.. hi.. thank you! no I dont have the flu.. this happens alot.. and for some reason last night I just was not handling it well..

pamela..I'm sorry that you too had a hard night.. i feel for you!.. I hope that you are feling better this afternoon...

thanks lauren!

as for me I'm still feeling verybad...i have 'sore" spot all over my body.. and my bones hurt to the point that they really fel like they are going to break...and jsut shatter...my hip is hurting badly as well....the chills then hot flashes are still there... oh boy!..I have been laying down all day.. and did actually fall asleep for about 30 minutes then was back up again.. so a short time is better then no time I suppose...

I'm tempted to call dr. grubb's office.. but just talked with Bev yesterday.. and I dont want to be a pain in the rump....I have to wait for the perscription to arive in the mail.. then maybe I will start to feel human again once I start those other meds..

GOD! I am on SO much medication it isnt even funny!

but I'm feeling about the same today.. sorry I'm not more cheery.. but boy this bites!

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Linda, sorry it's so bad right now :)

did the scripts arrive yet so you can at least get the meds you need? I can sure sympathize with the pain issues. Nina :)

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just sending some hugs...wish i could do more...

i get the frustration though...i'm right there with ya these days.

hang in there,

:) melissa

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sorry to hear you are feeling so bad, yes i often feel like what is the point of living in such a broken down body and that i am nothing more than a burden, but then i have to keep reminding myself that these thoughts are just not true and that all sick people must get these feelings from time to time, and these thoughts will pass, hang in there,


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