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I know everyone here has some GI problems, but do some of them include your heart rate to go up when you have to use the bathroom. I noticed that when I have to use the bathrooom for urination, etc. (I'm sure you get the idea!) my heart rate spikes up and I get very dizzy and faint. Then other times I feeel dizzy and when I use the bathroom I feel better....Just wondering what it is! Thanks for any input. Take care guys!

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Yes, many people have syncopal or presyncopal symptoms when using the bathroom. I believe it is related still to the vasovagal reflex. My cardiologist stated he has a patient who passed out everytime she tried to use the bathroom and had severe constipation as a result. (I wouldn't want to go either if I was afraid of cracking my head open on the toilet!). Anyway, yes, it is part of the package, too.


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