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Mrs. Glass

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I was just now able to read all of the responses on my post yesterday. Thank you all for all of the uplifting words. It has been a hard few weeks for me lately, and I guess it just all caught up with me. I saw my Cardiologist yesterday, and I can tell that he doesnt know anything about what is going on with me. He told me that I had to get rid of all of the stimulants in my life, like coffee, and chocolate. Oh glory, my only rewards lately have been 2 cups of coffee in the morning and my comfort food, (chocolate). But I guess that I will do what he said. He is the doc. He does not want to tweak with my meds until my back is tatally healed, and I am off of all of the meds for that. Right now he has me on one Midodrine a day,and extra salt in my diet. The most that he is concerned about is my premature heartbeat. He explained to me (finally) that with this heartbeat that it pumps blood into my heart, but not out. That the next heartbeat pumps more blood in and then pumps it out. And that is why I get such horrible chest pains. He is hoping that getting rid of the stimulants will work. If not he will have to put me on beta blockers, which lower the blood pressure, and he is trying to keep from doing that. I asked him about my other symptoms, and he did not have a clue. He said that it may take care of them or it may not. So I am still no closer. Frustrating! I dont have any close friends anymore. I used to, but no one calls or comes by anymore. I used to call them, but I dont want to bother them anymore. I try not to unload on my family, they are going through enough with trying to deal with all of this. I dont need to add to their problems. So I come to the only place that I can go where I know that I will get understanding, and not be judged, because I cant do what I used to do. I appreciate all of you, you have made one very lonely woman, a little less lonely. I know it is not the same as human contact, but when it is all a person has, you tend to appreciate it. I am sending all of you great big HUGGGS of gratitude. Mrs. Glass :wub:

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