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Hi gang,

I'm getting ready for the big push next week: I move to Maryland from Hawaii. This will be my third 11 hour plane ride in 3 months and I'm already having panic attacks thinking about it.

The last two times I rode on a plane, I crashed. This was despite getting fluids before getting onboard. I was also in business class, and was able to recline fully, but this didn't seem to make any difference.

I'm wondering if it's the stress of travel, or does altitude affect blood pressure? Does anyone know what altitude does to POTS?



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I can only speak from experience, but have been on countless flights from Australia to the UK (over 24 hours flying), and from here to Hong Kong etc.

Apart from the normal dry eyes, nose and skin, I don't notice any difference, although, I make sure I drink plenty of water, and I had a bergomot (sp?) spray, that you spray on your face, and it makes you feel hydrated again, and of course chapstick.

I have no idea what the altitude can do to blood pressure...

I just take everything I can to make sure I am hydrated, and on long flights, a Xanax, just so I don't feel so restless.

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There has been a lot of discussion about this. Here is one thread:


Keep in mind that an airplane cabin is pressurized to about 7,000 feet--this is not an altitude that can bring on altitude sickness, but oxygen is not as plentiful as at sea level. Air travel is drying, as well. Even people without POTS feel better if they keep themselves hydrated during air travel.

I think the thing about air travel that can trigger symptoms for me--this is just my theory--is the changes in pressure, more than anything. In any case, POTS patients do seem to be more sensitive than the average person to environmental changes.

The only advice I can give you is to keep your fluids going and try to relax. Also try to move about as you can during the flight to counteract blood pooling.

Take care,


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