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hey all..

I'm alittle peeved off tonight.. as I called a refill on my med Lunesta.. and went to pick it up and the pharmacy said your insurance wont cover Lunesta...

I'm like what?? they have been covering it.. she said its b/c of all the medicaid changes.. that it is no longer covered under medicaid..

I was like OMG!!

for thos eof you who dont allready know this.. I have horrible insomnia... and even on Lunesta i dont sleep real well.. but more then if I werent on anything at all...

I called the docs office to see if they could put in one of thsoe pre-authorization things.. and they called back and gave me the low down on the meds tht were covered... and its all stuff that I cannot take..

i cant take like the heavy duty sleepy meds b/c i cant handle them or I'm allergic to them!

So Lunesta is like the only thing that really helps even if it is only a littel bit... and it doesnt have bad side effects for me.. and doesnt leave me feeling like a freeakin' zombi the next day...

So it is a safe Med for me..

I'm like so annoyed .. I am down to my last Lunesta.. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I go see my PCP tomorrow so I am hoping that she can figure something out..

Do any of you know of a company that you can order Lunesta out of that is reputable and not going to cost you a fortune???

I know some of my potsy pals order the Midodrine out of Cananda b/c it is cheaper.. and thoughts???



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Here's something I found for you after doing a little research...

You can get 4 free tabs with this, I know it isn't much but it's 4 more nights of sleep


I hope your doctors can find a way for you to continue to take the meds. As if dealing with POTS isn't enough you at the very least deserve a good nights sleep.

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I am so sorry to hear that! You're not alone though with insurance problems, our insurance company only alows 2 refils from our local pharmacys around here since we don't have Kroger pharmacy around. It makes it so frustrating to send away for our medications and for many reasons at that. I hope something can be worked out for you. It's like, when you find a medicine that helps you (even if it's not the best) your insurance says no! Grr B)

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I know quite a few people who order meds from Canada as it's cheaper for them than it would be to pay their copays in the US. I believe Michelle one of the folks who orders from Canada? I'm sending her a note to check in on this thread and let you know. :wub: Nina

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hey thanks guys!!

I am going to check out that website and doa googla search... and hope that my doc has some samples!!

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hmmmm.. I did a search for the US and canada...

canada does not sell Lunesta.... and my lord here in the US for 30tablets it is $200 bucks!!

I was floored! WOW! i am wondering how a person on disabilty can realisticlaly afford to buy meds that arent covered under insurance.. that would be 1/3 of my monthly income... back tot he drawing board tomorrow I guess.... pharmacuetical companies are asking outrageous prices for medication!!

I stupidly never fuly realized the cost of my Meds I take every month.. boy am i even more greatful for insurance of any kind at this point.. I know a freind of mine her insurance doesnt cover Pro amatine.. and to pay for it here in the US.. she'd end up paying like $700 a month for one perscriptioon! hse orers out of canada.. and gets the same script for $200!!

Boy american drug companies are greedy little boogers! :)

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about the only pharmacy around is Walmart and is only cheap one. I oterwise try not to shop there because of business practices. Any way, When I picked up my Midordrine it was over 60.00 and I asked what the price was without ins and they said about 650.00. I do thank goodness for good insurance. But when my dr. tried me on lunesta she gave me about a month's worth. It didn't work for me but the drug rep was in her office on my last visit and I saw him give her two big boxes of it! My doc is always good about giving lots of free samples even though I've told her we have ins. and to keep it for others. She is so ticked off a medicine in general, Dr.s and drugcompanies greed.

Long story short I know the giveaways are there and there are programs thru the drs office if you can't pay that the drug companies give "samples"

What about Mexico? good luck!

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I would ask for any samples the doctor's office might have. I also know that some drug companies offer assistance or help providing meds you need. So I would definitely contact them.

Heres some drug company phone numbers for you


If this doesn't work let me know I think I have another number here at home that you might give a try.

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Hi guys!

thanks for the info...I talked to the dr.'s office today and they got some samples for me.. so I am looking forward to a good nights sleep tomorrow!


thanks again for all the support and suggestions!!

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Mexico doesn't require prescriptions for the meds, but I think you have to get them in person. I'm unsure about what type of mail order or phone order system they have for US custormers, if any? Last visit to Mexico, I needed antibiotics for a sinus infection. I just told the convenience store staff what I needed and they got it from behind the counter and gave it to me. It cost me less than 10$ for Ketek.

Here's an article on About.com on getting drugs from Mexico--it does look like you must get them in person.



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