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going for an endoscopy in the AM


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one more thing.. I am going in for an endoscopy in the morning.. i am hoping that they will be able to find a root cause for these terrible tummy aches i get.. and all the vomitting too.. I would love to be able to eat my favorite veggies again!! or any food for that matter!! MMM ice cream!

SOO.. that will be my day tomorrow.. OH JOY!!!!!!!

will let you know what the verdict is tomorrow....

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Good luck with your endoscopy! I've had many. Other than being groggy for a few hours, I don't seem to have problems. Hope yours are that easy.

I finally had my icecream today...hope you can have yours very soon! Nina

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hope the scope was uneventful & that it brings some answers. i know i've had problems in the past with the doc coming to talk to me after when i'm still too out of it to remember :rolleyes:

let us know how you're doing when you have a chance...

:lol: melissa

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Hi, hope everything went good today and I hope you find some answers. Keep us posted when ur feeling up to it.

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Hi folks...

just wanted to pop in and let you all know that I survived my endoscopy with no serious problems this morning.. thank god!!

I had issues with breathing.. but they quickly fixed that.. my pulse OX dropped low into the 80's... it was kinda weird.... i could feel myself breathing irriatic.. and it was like I was hearing thru a tunnel the nurse talking to me.. I was pretty doped up at the time.. gotta love demerol! but after some O2 and the drugs started to wear off.. I was ok..

the doc decided b/c of my risk of BP drops to only give me half the standard dose of Demerol.. whcih was 50mg instead of 100mg.. they give it to me and she goes do you feel it yet?

I'm like "yeah i feel all warm and fuzzzy" she laughed and said that is good.. and Boom! I was out. and wake up in the recovery room.. I dont remmerb any of it... thank god!!

all i vaguely remerb is my stomach hurting.. and trying to move away from the tube and doc...

My BP and HR BEHAVED itself today.. I was truly surprised.... :angry:B) My BP and Hr rate remained stable through out.. the lowest it got was like 104/57.. I thought that was pretty good considering the problems I was ahving last week...

Teh dco came in and talked to me before I left to come home.. he said that he did some biopsies of my stomach.. and beginning of the small intestine.. that things look pretty inflammed in there... but he isnt going to specualte of the exact problem until after i have the other scope done... he think it will prove to be intersting... B) ...

so rigth now I dont really have any answers as to what the heck is going on with my guts.. all i know is I hope that they hurry up and figure it out... and I hope that it isnt all my POTS causing such GI troubles.. b/c that will really upset me...

not that I want anything serious to be wrong.. but I would like to have something treatable for a change!

The nursing staff at the hospital was fantastic...!! one I wasnt so dopey several nurses came in and talked to me b/c they wanted to know what POTS was.. that they have never heard of it before.. SO i gave them a quick run down of POTS... and there like whats is the d-- words you called POTS??

I'm Like DYSAUTONOMIA.. I heard them talking in at thenurses station about DYSAUTONOMIA.. there like "wow she really knows her stuff... go talk to her about (to a fellow staff memeber) it she tell you all about it.."

I had to chcuckle at that...and felt good to that I was able to "educate some folks on our condition"...

I came home and slept the day away.. throat is alittle scratchy feeling.. but otherwise good..

so I have to call next week and get the results of the biopsies.. and go from there...

hugs to you guys...

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GOOD LUCK!!! I hope they find out whats goign on so you can start feeling better! You will have to let us know how things go!!!


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