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Seen the Neuro today


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Hey folks...

thought I'd pop in real quick and let you all know that I made it to the neuro today... it was an interesting visit.. I learned alot actually...

I am going to be keepiing a "headache and food diary" from now till I go back.. to see if we cant find a trigger for my migraines

She said that i have a severe case of POTS.. and that that is half my problem... b/c the pots is messing with my body so much.. and that a combo of things are going on BP- tachy. lack of sleep.. and so on..

that she was also concerned about giving me the med Topamax..b/c I am nearly blind in my left eye.. and had I not have perfect vision in my right eye that I would be considered "legally blind".. she is concerned about the side effect of developing glucoma... even though it is rare.. she still had some thoughts on that...

I also have to try and eat alittle bit better..b/c I am noramlly only able to get one small meal down a day.. if I am lucky... I have real problems with food.. (and believe me I LOVE to EAT!!).. I have alot of vomitting and nausea.. and pain/diarrhea.... and most of the time when i can eat and feel hungry.. I only eat a few bites.. and am full like I pounded down the food all day long..

she also had concerns abuot the fact taht i dont realy eat .. and have had a rapid weight gain in the past 6-9 months.. (nearly 37 pounds!)

So I am suppose to try the topamax.. and gradually increase the doseage till I reach 100mg a day.. and then she increased my Imitrex to 100mg as needed...

I did a search on topamax.. and see there are alot of mixed "reactions" to topamax.. when she said I want to put you on topamax.. I though OH NO DOPAMAX!! she must have seen a strnge look on my face.. b/c she told me all about the side effects.. and told me to try it for a week and see how i do on the med and with the side effects.. and If i cant handle the med then to call her..

SO I kinda feel rest assured knowing that I have a good neuro to call on if I need to.. who has a grasp on POTS.. and relizes that it is an "ISSUE"

my head does feel better today thank god!! 10 dasy with a migraine was awefull!!

Now it is only a mild stabbing apin in my head and my eye..

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Dopamax - very appropriate name for it! I took it a few years back for migraines and lack of sleep. It was very helpful - it also helps with weight loss but it definitely did make me feel dopey. I had a bit of a problem with my blood pressure getting too low. I'm not sure though if that was just the POTS. I hadn't been diagnosed at that point. I remember it being very helpful for me. I would probably be on it now but I am a full-time college student and can't afford to feel dopey.

Please let us know how it works for you. Good luck!

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