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I am back home!!!


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Well I just got home about an hour ago. It's nice to be back home!!! Well I did great on my cruise until the 5th day. That day we went to Panama, and it was soooooo hot! I was only outside for about 2 hours, but I got sick, over heated and ever since my bp is running very low when I got up today it was 77/42. In fact, I am alittle worried about it. So I called the doctor and they can't get me in untill next Monday, so I am hoping it was just being over heated, and hope being back in Iowa I will start to feel better! Although when I got home there was snow :rolleyes: O'well, it's still great to be home! But over all I had a great time and got a chance to relax for once and slow down. Also was a great chance for myhusband and myself to grow close again!!! It been hard over the last few years with medical bills, and just being unable to alway pull my wieght. But we really got a chance to grow, close, talk and love back in love!! Well got to go!!

Have a great night! Also I really missed talking to all of you!!!


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welcome back!

i'm so glad that for the most part the trip was such a good thing for you (& your other half B) )

i'm sorry that you're having to pay for it now & hope you're back to your baseline soon.

thanks for checking in with us!

B) melissa

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