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Frustrated-having to hire attorney


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Hey everybody!! :o

Well, I've had a roller coaster few days. To make a long story short, I'm having to hire an attorney to help me deal with issues I'm having with my Long term disability carrier. For starters, I don't really have the money to do this but feel I have no choice. Second, the company is, in my opinion, being unethical. They are currently only requesting records from my psychologist and since May of this year have not requested any updates from my medical Dr's. (initially they were provided with a narrative report from the psychologist stating that while I do have depression it is secondary to my PHYSICAL illness and as such, most of the records they need will come from my physicians). I had sent them a registered, return receipt letter listing all of the physicians they needed to get records from (they weren't using the list I provided them as of June of this year and were no longer responding to all the emails I sent them). They emailed me telling me they are trying to determine the "etiology" of my illness (if that's really true then why are they stating that the narrative report the psychologist provided is not sufficient and they need copies of all office visits given the fact that the narrative states that they need to request my medical records AND also states that I've had my "psychiatric" diagnosis for years and have worked most of that time full time and with excellent job review at that). Then they also told me they determine whose records they feel they need.

They are a bunch of LIARS!!!!!! Not to mention, since when is it their job to determine the "etiology" of any illness?

I'm really angry at all of this and the fact that I have to spend my precious energy on junk like this. If they would leave me alone maybe I could get better but they have been harrassing me like crazy the past 6-8 weeks. (and off and on prior to that)

I'm nervous that the attorney won't call me back tomorrow or won't be able to take my case etc etc.

I'm really feeling like I need some advice TOMORROW and I don't want to be pushy with an attorney but I am so freaked out about all of this.

I'm exhausted and I feel like I don't have the fight left in me but I also know I have to find it somehow.

Thanks for listening!

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I feel your pain. I have spent the last year having to fight with my LTD Insurance (ML). If I may make a suggestion...I wouldn't tell the insurance company that they need to get the medical records from the doctors. If I were you, I would get the copies myself and send them myself, certified with return receipt. This way you can be sure that all the pertinent medical recordds are actually in your file. If you ever have to take them to court the Judge will only look at what records are in the file. You need to be sure that your file is as complete as possible. The next time you get a denial letter and need to appeal, I would ask for a complete copy of your file. It never hurts to know what info they are looking at to make their decisions.

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First, Having the psychologist records is helpful. There is a score that is very helpful to the judge.

E-mail me if you need more personal info. The point is that our psychological being changes with this disease. Don't let them feel shame.

As for the attorney, get one that you can negotiate a percentage. Give them Docs names BUT get copies of all your records yourself--reason "continued medical care". You can then give to attorney. I did this partially because we have moved so much that I kept copies of my records. Try not to let the suits get you down. Miriam

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i'm so sorry that you're having to deal with all this. and like jan said it's so much tougher with limited energy to begin with. the "extras" (that of course aren't really extras) are often just as hard or harder than the underlying health issues...even with the health problems are horrible themselves! i know that dealing with my LTD carrier has been a royal pain and i haven't even had as tough of a time with them as you have. but between them & various docs not communicating & health insurance issues & other insurance i have through my car & SSDI crud (which my LTD carrier required i apply for) & disability stuff at school the paperwork & phone calls are astronomical. so i do get at least a bit of where you're coming from. the paperwork & hoops to jump through are exhausting even when it goes smoothly, much less when it doesn't. it would be a lot for someone in the best of health to be dealing with....

it does sound like an attorney is a good move at this point. i really hope you find someone who is willing and able to help ASAP.

hang in there,

B) melissa

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Thanks everybody for the support. I honestly don't know how much longer I can hang in there. I feel like I'm being beat up on by everyone. I was informed by Mayo clinic today that they are denying my request to correct my records and clarify them. I was told I could submit something in writing (What good will that do when I know my LTD carrier will only be interested in what Mayo Dr's had to say, they won't care what I have to say). I don't understand how they can refuse to correct information that is blatently WRONG in their reports!!!!!!

The attorney said at this point hiring her would not help me; she said I am doing all the right things and I just have to wait until I am officially denied. (Easy for an attorney to say that when they aren't the one's losing $1000 a month). I do not know how I will survive if I lose that income. I have no family to rely on and I have some wonderful friends but they can't afford to financially support me.

I'm miserable right now. I'm tired of dealing with this disorder, I'm tired of being treated unfairly by both Dr's and insurance industry. I don't have any more left in me and quite frankly I don't want to live like this. I don't have the will or the energy to do it anymore.

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Hi, I am in the same boat as you, except that I have applied for SSDI, which takes months to get. I have gotten all the medical records myself and have personally dropped them off to the SSecurity office that way I know they have gotten them. It stinks that there isn't much to help a person out while they are waiting on a decision from any type of disability ins. A monthly income can stop for many reasons, however, out bills won't..All I can say is to hang in there and I hope we both get the outcome we are looking for!

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