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I think the Norpace is going to have to stop


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I have been on it since Friday and I can barely keep my eyes open even though I am not tired. I can't walk well and I am SO DIZZY! My heart rate has stayed in the 60-70s all weekend - never jumped up - so that means it is working, but I can't take it at these other side effects. I don't even think I am capable of driving and I am not even sure that I am going to make it to work tomorrow it is so bad!

I just have to share a warm fuzzy though...My 6 year old lost his first 2 teeth yesterday and today. The bottom middle ones. He let me crack them and I got to pull one out and he took the other out tonight. I LOVE being the tooth fairy! He was so happy and I was so proud of him since they were pretty sharp roots.

Anyway...just an update...anyone else have any advice on the Norpace? Oh...EXTREME constipation (which I am sure you all care to know about) :o


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