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POTS effects...


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Hi everyone. This post is basically me venting about this lovely thing we all have...POTS...I hate being negative because I know there are alot of ppl on this board alot worse off, this is just the only place where ppl can truely say they understand.

I have lost alot of friends because of this illness. Sometimes I can't really blame them...I usually am never feeling well enough to go out for long periods of time. Eating at restaurants makes me dizzy and lightheaded, w/ palps, etc. you guys know the deal. Forget about going shopping, because that's completely out of the question...Then there's family...just because some days I don't look sick ppl think I'm feeling great. Just yesterday I was told to leave my house, because I am supposively fine and just don't want to do anything. I guess I basically am really good at faking test results (ablations, ttt, heart monitors...)don't ask how, but I guess that is what ppl think. I even had an old friend say I am fine....scary thing is she is premed, definately lacks ppl skills though.

Sooo, now I am jumping around staying with relatives day after day with no permanent place to stay. since I can no longer stay at my house. I have applied for disability but that takes a long long time to get on, most likely be denied first time around anyhow. I have gone through what little saving I had and I don't want to borrow anymore money from ppl, esp. since I don't even know when I am going to be able to pay them back....

Thanks for anyone who decides to read this whole post. I am thankful for you guys being here, the fact that I do have a family, and thankful for what few friends I have left...I know things could be alot worse...they just really do stink right now. Anyhow thanks again for being here :) I know there are ppl out there who understand.....Take care guys!

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Hey Jacquie, as i was reading your post i realized that i'm in the same "boat" as you are. I totally understand how frustrating it can be. I too am still waiting to hear from disability, i've already been denied medicaid, now i have to appeal it. the reason they denied it was they consider POTS not to be a disability. And what you were saying about friends, family and just people in general is very true. There are many times i feel like crap and for some reason i look fine, so everyone thinks i'm ok and expects me to be ok.

Anyway i hope things get better for you! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers!

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I am very sorry you are being treated so unfairly by your friends and family. I know it can be so frustrating that you just want to scream at them. I find it so hard to explain to my family what I go through on a daily basis. I basically gave up trying to get through to them.

I just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope your disability comes through sooner than expected or that you find a loving family member or an "angel" out there decides to take you in and help you out as long as you need it.

Best wishes and healing thoughts,


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