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Mobic & Zanuflex


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Just home from the Rheumatologist. He still doesn't know what to make of my stiff, painful joints in my thumb & knee. He's saying Fibromyalgia again and that was after last month when he said I didn't fit the criteria, go figure.

He gave me 2 new meds to try Zanuflex and Mobig. Even though I work in the medical community, I've never heard of either of these medications before. I'm wondering if anyone on this forum has tried either.



Might be Zanaflex, can't really read his writing :)

Might be Zanaflex, really can't read his writing.

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hiya steph..

a few months my doc gave me Mobic.. it is an anti-inflammatory... I have samples of it.. and have not started taking it yet.. (i'm a big cheicken)

I do believe though that she said that it is one of the more gentle infallammatories out there...

let me know if it helps you! as I am suffering from mysterious pain too!!..

I havent ever heard of Zanuflex though.. sorry!!

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I take zanaflex. It is a muscle relaxant. I have taken it for about 5 years now and I really like it. I take it at night only though because it makes me sleepy and I never got used to that. I sometimes take small amounts of it when I have a headache though. I take Etodolac/Lodine which is like Mobic and I like it. I liked bextra more, but alas, that is no longer available. Mobic is apparently harsh on the stomach but very effective for arthritis pain and other sorts of inflammation. Just remember to take it with food and a lot of fluids.


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Like others have said, zanaflex is a muscle relaxant and is often prescribed for Fibro because it's suppose to also help straighten out sleep cycles (docs at OHSU told me this). However, I only took it for a short time becuase it gave me severe stomach cramps. The one that helped me more for both the pain and sleep was cyclobenzaprine. I had to stop it when my liver enzymes were elevated and it was the only thing they could think of that might be causing it. It also works a little like an antidepressant so don't know if you can combine it with other antidepressants.

However, I've learned a lot about Fibro and a consistently sore thumb and knee don't seem to fit the description - I know you don't want that label anyway! :-)

Hope your pain improves!


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It's so good to see you're around. I've been wondering about you. How are you doing?


I didn't realize it could be used for migraines too but I'm glad to hear that it was an alright med while it did work.

Thx all for letting me know it's been around for awhile even though I hadn't heard of it. I'm glad at least a few have tried it and done alright on it.


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