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MRI Today

Mrs. Glass

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Well I go today to get my first MRI on my head. For one thing I do not like to be in that tunnel of a machine, but at least it is not painful. The only problem is I have to travel so far to get it. My Neurologist is 80 miles away, and with just having back surgery, it is not going to be fun. :D Although they did reschedule my EMG for Saturday. He is going to come in on a Saturday just to do it, so it will not be so hard on me. He did not want me to have to be there for so long on one day. I think that I am going to like this Doc. :) I was going to do a little Christmas shopping while there, but with my back, I dont think that I will be able to. Maybe on Saturday. There is only one store that I like that does not have wheelchairs so I wont go there. Well wish me luck, hope the MRI shows why all of this is going on, but I hope that it is not too bad. Mrs. Glass aka Vanessa :ph34r:

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Have you gotten any results yet??? Hope all is well.

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good for you for getting the MRI done even though it was hard. Shows how different we all are though--I'd take 20 MRI's over just one EMG...or just one dental appointment. Too bad it doesn't work that way in the real world, huh?

I hope you find your answers.


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