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What causes the adrenaline rush?


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Sometimes it feels like my stomach drops then I notice my heartrate is increasing. It does not jump from one extreme to another it seems to creep up bit by bit then stays high for a while, as high as 150 sometimes, ekgs show sinus tachy,the slowly go down over about an hours time. I get aftershocks for a few days with a higher resting rate after and most days I get little rushes all day.

Other rushes I feel just come over me from head to chest or head to toe.

Poohbear summed it up. (sorry,did not notice looking for explanation :P )

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POTS and other forms of Dysautonomia are disorders of your Autonomic nervous system.

Your autonomic nervous system regulates "automatic functions" in your body ie..blood flow, getting rid of waste, maintaining your body temperature, digestion of food, bladder control, energy production & delivery and the "fight or flight" response.

When your autonomic system does not operate properly the brain & body sometimes get the message to "fight or flight" (even though it may be the wrong message in the moment) and then your body releases adrenaline (because the adrenal glands, which are controlled by the autonomic nervous system are getting the message to release adrenaline).

This is the simple explanation and I hope this is what you meant by wanting an explanation.

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