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Negative Tilt

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On more than one occasion I've mentioned to doctors that "I'm having a bad day and my POTS is going to be worse today," and they responded, "Good. We want to see a poor day." My conclusion from those encounters was that they realized you could be having a "good day" (and maybe do all right on the TTT) but they preferred to see a bad day. I took that to mean someone could still have POTS even though they were having a "good day" and managed to do okay on the tilt. Does anyone else have a thought on this?

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Most definitely! POTS varies from day to day and even though it's rare we do have a good day sometimes.

Just like a car problem it acts up until the mechanic is checking it and then it purrs like a kitten!

Frustration should have a picture of a POTS patient pictured beside it in the dictionary!

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Yep, the folks who posted above are correct. A tilt table test measures how your body repsonds at a given time...some of us have big fluctuations in how our bodies work from day to day. I "failed" my test miserably, with a more than 70 point rise in HR...and a rise in bp, followed by a leveling off...followed by a drop of more than 80 points in diastolic pressure... all in the first 15 minutes.

However, on some days, I can tell you that it might be an immediate rise or drop in pressure (I get BOTH) or it might take up to a half hour.

I also have been diagnosed with both POTS and NCS. Nina :D

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Ditto on the above. One factor that seems to aggravate POTS is frequent bathroom trips, especially at night. That really aggravates the condition.

I like how doctors say that they would like to see you on a "poor" day. Perhaps if you could get an appointment for that day, it would work! Otherwise, you might have to wait awhile and hopefully for you you are feeling better. Kinda a vicious circle.

Keep on plugging!

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