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felt good yesterday, overdid it and paying today


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Hi everyone,

I had SUCH a good day yesterday- managed the Bodleian 3 times in one day, have been walking with no stick, was on a total high.

But today I'm paying dearly- I ended up so wired I didn't sleep til 4.30, and got up at 10.30 today which has ruined my work schedule.

Athough that is worrying me a bit, what's really getting me today is how much worse I feel physically.

I got up out of bed, stretched and then saw stars, ended up on the floor :( I've been doing SO well, too! AQt least I got warning and kind of lowered myself, unlike the other week.

But now I am aching SO badly- my arms and legs are SO sore, and I feel so pale and washed out. I've just had one class- where I found it really hard to focus, and I've another one in an hour but I am just SO tired now, I wanted to go back to the Bodleian but I know I won't make it up the stairs today :(

And I'm supposed to have some college Christmas dinner which is black tie at 6.30. Lots of alcohol, and I've been put next to no one that I know..I just don't have the energy to sit through a dinner with people and make polite conversation and do the whole "what are you studying? mmm...that's interesting" bit. Am I giving in if I don't go? It's a $50/?25 meal....but I feel rough as, today. I tihnk if I stay in today it might help me feel better tomorrow.

what do you guys think? I suppose what I'm asking is, how do YOU handle it when you over do it on a good day and feel rubbish after?

Any hints of tips greatly appreciated!

x x

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hi love,

so proud of you yesterday, well done!! ok so now you are feeling not good, so rest up!

if you aren't too bothered about this meal tonight, don't go, just let your body get a bit of rest, you did a **** of a lot yesterday and without any of your aids.

I just wanted to post that i think you are doing fantastically and after seeing that photo of the library yesterday i can so understand you being there. (did that make any sense?)

Anyway love, i'm not making much sense today (a little dizzy), have a good nights sleep tonight and then tomorrow you'll be able to get lots of work done!

lots of love and big hugs

becky x x x

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Do whatever your body tells you it needs you to do to get through this. I hope you feel better to be able to go to your function.

It's nice to have those good days and though we seem to pay the price let's just hope that this is a sign that more better days are to come and less bad ones!!!! :P

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Well ive tried it all ... i have tried to take it easy on a good day (the bad days still happend) and i have over done it on a good day and the bad days still happen. So dont get cranky at yourself for overdoing it, thats my advice :P

Apart from that just do what your body wants and take it easy. I am glad you had a good day! Have you got any tablets to help you sleep when you are wired? I am on a minimal dose of an anti depressent (thats apparantly not too good at treating depression) and it helps when my mind wont shut down to sleep.

On the dinner department, its really tireing being next to people you dont know and as you say making polite chit chat. I suppose if you are feeling really rotton it rules it out anyway (you dont want to be fainting at the dinner table ... ive done that before ... very embarassing). However sometimes i have found getting out can help get my mind off my body if i am able to stand and focus. Good luck with working out if you feel up for it! You are obviously the only one who knows your own body and has the best guess at its limits. Hope you feel better soon :huh:

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ding ding ding! Yes, that's my bell ringing--

It's so hard, isn't it, to not give into the temptation to do EVERYTHING possible on a good day and take it for all it's worth?!

I'd give you advice to try to take it more slowly, but I don't know how to do that either. At 41, you'd think I'd have learned by now to relish the good day but try to do a little less with it. I can't. If you figure out how, please share!


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Just wondering how you are doing and what you decided to do about the dinner? Do you feel good about your decision?

Just thinking about you.


Hi R! I missed the dinner but felt better for it. As for what I'm up to -sniffing old books...see my latest post!

Hope you're ok

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