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Finrussak..and others interested


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On page 39 I think, dr. Cheney mentions the chair used by NASA but NOT THE PRICE...I am sure it is pricey.

But this isn't the article I read earlier but they ALL SAY THE SAME!

NOW I must find an affordable rebounder tramp to hold onto a bar or chair as I use it.

It's low energy output but GREAT for the brain and ANS.

I posted it here because I didn't want to hijack your thread. :)

Dr/ Cheney also mentions peeing our brains out that lowers our blood volume!! This is a long article and I will read it tomorrow. Great stuff in it!

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Guest Finrussak

Hijack my threads anytime :D

Unfortunately I cannot even think about using a bouncing device....any shifting of already loose abdominal organs ( stretched ligaments as per standing/sitting MRIs) aggravate the vagal plexus and causes brady and irregular rhythms....even if I forget and plop onto a firm or hard chair the resulting pressure from butt thru abdomen is enough to cause a few skipped beats!!! Whe I had a colonoscopy last year, even the pressure of the procedure caused ekg blips that worried the Drs...they never saw anything like it....the pressure of plane take offs and extremely fast elevators cause similar grief!!!

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Ug, I feel what you are saying about elevators...they can make me very ill and I will tackle stairs first and take my time! the motion sickness or inner ear thing can so be triggered by elevators..especially if they have a shimmy to their cable..instant nausea!

somebody told me the NASA bouncing chairs are ONLY $400!

So I am going to borrow a mini rebounder for a week instead and see if I can tolerate it. Supposed to help "retrain the ANS".

I just need to hold onto something to steady me as I use it!! LOL

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